Global Action 2013 in brief

UN Photo/Albert Gonzalez Farran

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What is Global Action Week?

an annual awareness-raising campaign on Education for All, organized by the Global Campaign for Education (GCE).

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What is the objective of Global Action Week?

to mobilize additional political and financial support for the achievement of the EFA goals

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How is UNESCO supporting Global Action Week?

by mobilizing its networks and partners (e.g. governments, non-governmental organizations, UN agencies, the private sector, etc.) and by organizing specific activities in different countries and at UNESCO headquarters 

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Is there a specific theme?

yes, and it changes every year. In 2013, the focus is on teachers and their crucial role for quality education

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What is happening in my country?

to find out, please visit the websites of UNESCO and GCE.  

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How can I support Global Action Week in 2013?

by engaging in activities in your community or country or by promoting the campaign: click here to sign up and support

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