EFA Goal 6

"Improving every aspect of the quality of education, and ensuring their excellence so that recognized and measurable learning outcomes are achieved by all, especially in literacy, numeracy and essential life skills". (Para. 7)

"Quality is at the heart of education, and what takes place in classrooms and other learning environments is fundamentally important to the future well-being of children, young people and adults. (…) Scarce resources have frequently been used for expanding systems with insufficient attention to quality improvement in areas such as teacher training and materials development". (Para. 42 - 43)

"Governments and all other EFA partners must work together to ensure basic education of quality for all, regardless of gender, wealth, location, language or ethnic origin. Successful education programmes require (….) (2) well-trained teachers and active learning techniques;" (Para. 44) 


Strategy ix

"To achieve these goals, we the governments, organisations, agencies, groups and associations represented at the World Education Forum, pledge ourselves to:

…(ix) enhance the status, morale and professionalism of teachers." (Para.8)

Quoted from The Dakar Framework for Action and
                        the Expanded Commentary on the Dakar Framework for Action


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