Under the slogan “Every Child Needs a Teacher” the 2013 Global Action Week will focus on the crucial role of Teachers to achieve EFA.  To Know more


Using the slogan "Rights from the Start! Early Childhood Care and Education Now!", Global Action Week 2012 focused on the first of the six Education for All (EFA) GoalsTo know more


The 2011 GAW took place from 2 to 8 May. The campaign focused on the theme of "Girls' and Women's Education", a UNESCO priority. The core campaign activity was "The Big Story" around which many other activities were organized.   To Know more


Global Action Week 2010 focused on the theme of “Financing Quality Education for All”. As in previous years, UNESCO actually supported the campaign. To know more


The theme of Global Action Week 2009 (20-26 April 2009) is "Youth and Adult Literacy and Lifelong Learning". To know more


Global Action Week took place from 21-27 April 2008 on the theme of “Quality Education to End Exclusion”, a top EFA priority. UNESCO organized activities world-wide to highlight the issues of quality and inclusion in different national and local contexts. -


Education as a human right is the theme of the 2007 Global Action Week. As in previous years, UNESCO is participating in this annual initiative in favour of Education for All. Global Action Week is organized by the Global Campaign for Education (GCE), a UNESCO partner. -


This year's Global Action Week saw international attention turn towards the worldwide shortage of teachers. UNESCO’s new research, announced a much greater than previously anticipated teacher shortfall. 18 million more teachers are needed if every child is to receive a quality education. 100 million children are still being denied the opportunity of going to school. -


The theme of Global Action Week 2005 focused on education as being the key to end poverty through the Send My Friend to School campaign. Although more and more children, youth and adults have a chance to learn, some 100 million children are still deprived of education. If the six Education for All goals are achieved, millions of people will have the chance to end poverty. -


The Big Lobby – EFA Week’s 2004 campaign – was devoted to the 100 million children who have no access to education. A million children in 110 countries lobbied parliaments, wrote letters to their presidents, invited parliamentarians to their schools and created maps of their communities. Through each activity they asked their governments to do more to give every child the chance to go to school. -


This year’s EFA Week focus on gender parity in education. Education is a fundamental human right. Yet, girls and women still lack the basic education that has the potential to better their lives. Out of 862 million illiterates worldwide, two-thirds of them are women. World Leaders have promised to put equal numbers of girls and boys into school by 2005.-


This year's EFA week encouraged all education actors whether teachers, pupils, parents,civil society organizations, schools, international organizations to join forces. Only then we can ensure that the millions of out-of-school children and illiterate youth and adults get a chance to develop their full potential as human beings and responsible citizens through education.

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