5th CCNGO/EFA meeting, Bangladesh, 22-24 March 2010

Ms Shufiya Akter with 12 years old Laboni in class two at "Unique Child learning Center"


The Fifth CCNGO/EFA meeting was organized by UNESCO in collaboration with the Campaign for Popular Education (CAMPE) and was held in Dhaka, Bangladesh, from 22 to 24 March 2010. 

The meeting focused on two major themes: Marginalization and The Impact of the Financial Crisis on Education, and explored the role of NGOs in protecting marginalized groups from the worst effects of the crisis. Taking place one month after the Ninth High-Level Group Meeting on EFA (Addis Ababa, 23-25 February 2010), the meeting was an ideal opportunity for CCNGO/EFA members and UNESCO to define better strategic collaboration in the run-up to 2015, within the framework of the follow-up to the HLG and Addis Ababa Declaration.   

More than 100 representatives from NGO from all regions gathered for this important meeting. Discussions were based on a series of regional and national studies on the impact of the crisis on education NGOs, on the findings of the 2010 EFA Global Monitoring Report (GMR): Reaching the Marginalized, on presentations of concrete education projects for marginalized groups and the Addis Ababa Declaration adopted at the HLG meeting. Four Government Ministers honoured the meeting with their presence.

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