Eighth E-9 Ministerial Review Meeting, Abuja, Nigeria, 21- 24 June 2010

13 years old Asadul study in class three at "Unique Child learning Center" in Bangladesh


“Literacy for Development” was the theme of the Eighth E-9 Ministerial Review Meeting that was held in Abuja, Nigeria, from 21 to 24 June 2010. Jointly organized by UNESCO and the Nigerian Government, the meeting was opened by Nigeria's Vice President and Education Minister as well as UNESCO's Director-General and HRH Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands, UNESCO’s Special Envoy on Literacy for Development.  

The aim of the Abuja meeting was to contribute to halving adult illiteracy rates by 2015 (Education for All (EFA) Goal 4) with a special focus on girls and women in both the E-9 countries and in other countries which E-9 countries can support through South-South cooperation. The meeting provided opportunities for colleagues to share experiences and knowledge on the relationship between literacy and development, on ways of overcoming obstacles in providing literacy for out-of-school children, youth and adults, and on strategies to improve and scale up literacy programmes as well as collective commitments to non-formal education.  

The Abuja Framework for Action and Cooperation adopted at the end of the meeting recognized that more political commitment, innovation, and resources are needed from their individual countries, coupled with support from the donor community and a renewed focus from UNESCO on the promotion of literacy.   

The ambitious action agenda seeks to mobilize stronger commitment to literacy, boost effective delivery of literacy programmes, harness new resources and continue their successful teamwork. A set of concrete follow-up activities, each led and organized by an E-9 country, will be coordinated over the next two years by Nigeria, the new E-9 Secretariat.

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