7th meeting, Dakar, Senegal, 11-13 December 2007

In the year 2000, the International Community gave itself 15 years to achieve the EFA and UN development goals. This year, the High-Level Group on EFA (HLG) will meet at the midpoint along that time-line.

As recommended by the Cairo Communiqué adopted at the Sixth Meeting of the High-Level Group on EFA in November 2006, a new sequence of EFA mechanisms was adopted this year. With this new arrangement, the EFA Global Monitoring Report 2008: “Education for All by 2015 – Will we make it?”, dedicated to an overall review of EFA progress to date, became available for the Working Group on EFA which met in Paris from 14 to 16 November 2007. Deliberations in the forthcoming HLG meeting in Dakar, Senegal (11-13 December 2007) will be informed by this new Report and also by the main discussion points on EFA policy, strategy and priority-setting prepared by the Working Group.

The HLG will place special focus on three areas – equity, quality and financing of education – as top policy priorities for the coming year. In addition, it will address the special concerns of countries facing conditions of fragility as well as relatively neglected EFA goals with a view to ensuring a holistic and balanced approach to the full EFA agenda.

The main expected outcomes of the HLG in Dakar are key policy recommendations for adoption and implementations by policy-makers in order to accelerate progress towards achieving the EFA and other related development goals. Progress in implementing these recommendations during 2008 will be monitored and will be reported on at the Eighth Meeting of the HLG in Norway in December 2008.

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