Core Documents and Presentations

- DG Closing Remarks

- Agenda

 - List of Participants

Session 1: Follow-up to the Oslo Declaration 

- Education, Health and Nutrition (World Bank) 

- School Feeding (WFP) 

- Educational Inequality (UIS) 

- Inclusive Education (IBE) 

- Donor Financing (ODI) 

- Draft Financing Basic Education Paper (ODI) 

- School Fee Abolition (FTI)


Session 2: 2010 GMR Report 

- The presentation on the 2010 GMR cannot be released until the 19 January 2010 launch date. website


Session 3: Impact of the economic and financial crisis on education

- Concept paper: Financial crisis

- Questions for Group Work on financial crisis

- Education Today (OECD) 


Session 4: Marginalization and inclusion

- Concept Paper: Marginalization 

- Questions for Group Work on Marginalization

- Ethiopia case study 

- Child labour and education (Netherlands) 

- Education for all (Transparency International)


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