Goal 4: Reduce child mortality

Education saves young lives

Educating a girl greatly reduces the chance that her child will die before the age of five. In many countries, having a mother with secondary or higher education more than halves the risk of child mortality compared to having a mother with no education. Having a mother with primary education reduces child death rates by almost half in the Philippines and around one third in Bolivia

Evidence shows a strong correlation between educating women and girls and higher maternal and child life expectancy as well as improvements in child and family health and nutrition. Girls and women who are educated are far more likely to immunize their children. Their children are less likely to be malnourished.  In Niger, the child of a woman with secondary education is over four times less likely to be malnourished than the child of a woman with no education.

Having a mother who had completed primary education reduces the risk of stunting by 22 per cent in Bangladesh and 26 per cent in Indonesia.


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