Increasing resources for vulnerable populations

UNESCO has advocated an increase in funding for education by way of a number of high-level international forums, including the UN General Assembly, G8, G20, the World Economic Forum and EFA High-Level Group meetings.  

During the Doha International Conference on Financing for Development (Qatar, 2008), UNESCO and Her Highness Sheika Mozah Bint Nasser Al-Missned of Qatar convened a high-level discussion on financing education in conflict-affected areas with the result that the Doha Statement on Financing Education in Conflict-Affected Areas was drawn up and presented in the Conference plenary.  

At the G8 German Summit of June 2007, the UN Secretary-General Mr Ban Ki-Moon launched the MDG Africa Initiative to mobilize the UN system and other multilateral and regional organizations to accelerate implementation of the MDGs and other internationally-agreed goals in Africa.  UNESCO, UNICEF and the World Bank, coordinators of the MDG Africa thematic group on education, prepared the Action Plan for Education which resulted in the MDG Africa Steering Group’s recommendations on achieving the MDGs in Africa


The MDG Africa Steering Group

2008 Doha International Conference on Financing for Development  2002

Monterrey International Conference on Financing for Development


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