Parliamentarians for EFA

As elected representatives, parliamentarians can have a strong influence on government decisions and actions in the field of education.

They can press for policies that ensure that access to quality basic educational services for all is a national priority. At a legislative level, they can ensure that governments have ratified core human rights treaties and that national laws and frameworks enshrine the right to education. They can press for enforcement of these laws and initiate legislation to eliminate discrimination in education. They can call on governments to allocate larger shares of the national budgets to basic education.

UNESCO initiated its Programme for cooperation with parliamentarians in 1994 to through the creation of several regional forums. These forums aim to raise awareness among parliamentarians about educational challenges in their respective regions, highlight strategies to improve the quality of education, and associate them more closely in the planning and implementation of educational policies in the context of the Education for All goals.

Parliamentarian forums for education have been established in Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa (FAPED, 2002) and the Arab States (FARPED, 2007). Programme for Parliamentarians


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