National EFA 2015 Reviews

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The Dakar Framework for Action (2000) is a re-affirmation of the vision set out in the World Declaration on Education for All in 1990 in Jomtien, Thailand. It expresses the international community's collective commitment to pursue a broad-based strategy for ensuring that the basic learning needs of every child, youth and adult are met within a generation and sustained thereafter.
(Article 1 - Expanded Commentary on the Dakar Framework for Action)

In 2000, most countries of the world pledged to achieve the six Education for All (EFA) goals by the year 2015. To achieve these goals, countries have collectively committed to implement the twelve major strategies presented in The Dakar Framework for Action.

Review Process

As we approach the target year of 2015, countries in different regions are expected to conduct a thorough review of EFA achievements and experiences since 2000. This assessment will identify emerging issues and challenges, highlight good practices and draw salient lessons and prospects for education in the future.  

The overall aim of the National EFA 2015 Reviews is to evaluate progress made towards achieving EFA and the extent to which countries have kept their commitment. The Reviews should also spell out the major challenges faced by each country in developing education in the post-2015 era.

The review process will help Member States accelerate EFA actions in the last “Big Push” to 2015, and inform policy debates for the definition of a post-2015 education agenda at the national, regional and global levels.

The National EFA 2015 Review process focuses on three interlinked strategic components:

  • Assessing progress towards the six EFA goals;
  • Reviewing the implementation of national strategies to achieve the six EFA goals;
  • Determining current educational challenges and the future education agenda.

UNESCO prepared guidelines for country authorities and EFA stakeholders to organize and conduct their National EFA 2015 Review. It is expected that the national review will start in mid-2013 and continue until 2015 along with related regional and global events.

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