Tackling teacher challenges in India

© UNESCO/GMR Akash - 11 years old Moinl study in class three at "Unique Child learning Center"

Why promote the teaching profession? Teachers are vital to the achievement and success of Education for All (EFA), but a lack of qualified teachers and effective teacher policy in several countries – including India – may prevent them from achieving this goal. Some two million new teaching positions need to be created worldwide to ensure universal primary education by 2015.

The International Task Force on Teachers for EFA and the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, are joining hands to address the teacher challenges in India in New Delhi on 29 and 30 May. The forum will be opened by the Indian Minister of Human Resource Development in the presence of representatives from over 40 countries.

The forum offers an opportunity to share policy-related experiences with other member countries of the International Task Force on Teachers for EFA, thus promoting North-South and South-South cooperation. Recommendations generated will not only inform teacher policy reforms at the state and central level in India, but also in other countries.

A global alliance of voluntary EFA partners, the International Task Force on Teachers for EFA is an international platform dedicated to address the teacher gap in order to meet the 2015 EFA goals. Its membership includes international governmental and non-governmental organizations, over 40 countries and donors. Through a range of activities, the Task Force supports and advocates for an accelerated effort to bridge the teacher shortage by addressing three principal gaps: policy, capacity and funding.

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