Fact Sheets

“Fact Sheets” can be a good starting point for gaining a quick, basic understanding of the causes and impacts of climate change. Appropriate for both educators and students, the following links represent just a sample of the numerous resources now available on the Internet.

Climate Change Fact Sheet (in English, French and Spanish)
Source: Earth Day Network

The Cost of Climate Change
Source: Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC)

The Causes of Global Climate Change
Source: Pew Center on Global Climate Change

Climate Change and Health
Source: WHO

Climate: The Changes & Impacts of Global Warming
Source: WWF

Mitos y Hechos acerca del Calentamiento Global (Spanish only)
Source: Audubon Society

Global Warming: Frequently Asked Questions
Source: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA)

Fact Sheet: Climate Change Science
Source: UNFCCC

Climate Change - Basic Information
Source: US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Climate Change: The Facts
Source: Act on CO2

Findings of the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report: Climate Change Science
Source: Union of Concerned Scientists

Climate change: How do we know?
Source: NASA

Consenso Científico sobre el Cambio Climático (Spanish only)
Source: Green Facts

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