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Several organizations and individual educators host their own resource-rich CCE websites. We recommend the following complementary clearinghouses: 

BGCI: Resources for Communicating about Climate Change
Compiled by the UK-based organization Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI), this internationally-oriented resource page contains links to a wide range of CCE materials in English, French and Spanish.

This United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) site provides information on events, strategies and activities on all six areas covered by Article 6 of the international Convention. The site also includes a list of focal points for Article 6 activities.

Developed by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), CC:Learn gathers all climate change capacity-building initiatives and tools available at the UN level, with links to the UN system’s primary climatge change websites, as well as information about country-specific education projects.

Changements Climatiques - Réseau In-Terre-Actif
The Canadian organization Réseau In-Terre-Actif offers a number of climate change-related education materials including articles, slideshows and action guides. All of the resources are in French.

Climate Change
Created by Australian teacher and librarian Jackie Miers, this site contains a wealth of information (explanations, newspaper articles, photographs) about the causes and effects of climate change. It also contains links to several sites that provide CCE activities and lessons.

Climate Change Education.org
Designed for both educators and students, this clearinghouse offers an extensive collection of classroom-oriented resources (lesson plans, activities, games and videos) on the subject of climate change. The site is maintained by a group of mostly US-based educators.

Climate 4 Classrooms
A joint project involving the British Council, the Royal Meteorological Society and the Royal Geographical Society, this clearinghouse offers teaching modules, case studies and interactive data sets based on up-to-date climate change research. The site also features climate change predictions for England, China, Indonesia and Mexico. 

Explaining Climate Change
This website, which was developed as an International Year of Chemistry IUPAC-UNESCO project, provides a set of critically reviewed, interactive, web-based learning tools to help students, teachers, science professionals and the general public make sense of the underlying science of climate change. Materials emphasize connections to concepts in chemistry, physics, biology, and earth and environmental science.  

Facing the Future - Climate Change and Energy
This page, organized by education level, provides a comprehensive list of organizations working in the field of climate change and energy education.

Finding out about Global Warming and Climate Change (UK Rivers Network)
The UK Rivers Network provides a wealth of basic climate change information with links to newspaper articles, fact sheets, reports and other teacher resource sites. It also has a collection of copyright-free photos that educators can use to illustrate the CC phenomenon.

National Environment Education Week – Climate Change Curricula
This page, organized by education level, provides a links to numerous online climate change-related teaching materials in English.

Oxfam Education Resources: Climate Change
Developed by Oxfam International’s Education sector, this resource collection provides climate change educators with case studies of various programs being implemented in developing countries, together with related lesson plans and activities.

Teach Climate Change
This website contains a comprehensive database (more than 350 links) of organizations, programs and materials related to climate change education. The UK-based portal also features climate change news.

Teaching Climate Change: Lessons from the Past
Developed by the Science Education Resource Center of Carleton College (US), this comprehensive site provides educators with lesson plan ideas, visual aids, links to climate change science sites and information about climate change education workshops in the US. The material is most appropriate for secondary and higher education teachers.

Teachers’ COP 15
Developed by the Danish Education Ministry to complement the December 2009 UN Climate Change Conference (COP15) in Copenhagen, this resource collection provides lesson plans, case studies and information about past and upcoming CCE events.

Teachers' Guide to High Quality Educational Materials on Climate Change and Global Warming
This web page, developed by US environmental science writer Susan Joy Hassol, provides primary and secondary educators with informative climate change background material and guides them to valuable CCE resource sites.







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