Learning for sustainable development: understand education for sustainable development – then act

Sustainable development is a buzz word: often used – not so easy to fully grasp. This module intends to make it a crisp reality for UN staff or other stakeholders whose work is deeply concerned with the educational dimension of sustainable development. Use it as a clarifier and an entertaining reminder of the basics of education for sustainable development: Think you know it all? Browse the contents below, and take the quizzes…

Why do we care: an introduction to why Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is needed

  • It’s social: this page explains what social issues have to do with the environment and sustainable development.
  • It’s environmental: find out how environmental issues interact with every aspect of human life – and why urgent action is needed.
  • It’s economic: an overview on the economics of sustainable development.
  • It’s cultural: highlights how SD concerns people-to-people relationships.

Are you an armchair activist or a real expert? Find out and take the quiz!

Getting it right: a vision of global framework initiatives and policies

Think you know it all already? Challenge yourself and take the quiz!


Action stories – good practices from innovative programmes

Read about short stories related to education programmes.

Then zoom in on a teacher training case study. Discover the keys for success and read the testimonials … Finally take the quiz!

The UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014): time is running …

The objective is to encourage changes in behaviour, for a more sustainable society for all.

The approach is global: simply focusing on nature is a dead end. Society, environment, economy and culture cannot be dissociated if we are to make SD a reality.

UNESCO is the lead agency for the Decade – its staff and partners must be at the forefront of understanding – and action.

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