How to implement education for sustainable development

We can make a change… if we adopt the appropriate response. The strategy is to tackle more than education and address the way we live, our values and our behaviour. This approach can be adapted for implementation at all levels, from UN programmes to local initiatives.


4 priorities for all actors worldwide

The Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (DESD) focuses on the following thrusts:

  • Improve access to quality basic education: this is key to development, as it enables people to fulfil their potential and take increasing control over decisions that affect them.
  • Reorient educational programmes from nursery to university
  • Build public awareness and understanding
  • Provide practical training, especially in business and industry where employees need to know how to make decisions and perform their work in a sustainable manner.


What change should we expect?

A successful DESD would create citizens and leaders who:

have skills in critical and creative thinking, conflict management, problem solving, problem assessment to actively take part in the life of societyare respectful of the Earth’s resources and biodiversityare committed to promoting a peaceful and democratic society 

How about you?

Begin today, email us your next SD action.

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