We all have a role in promoting education for sustainable development

The UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (DESD) will be a success only if all of us contribute. This page highlights the key aspects of main actors’ roles within the international implementation scheme.


Local stakeholders: local authorities, civil society and NGOs, companies…
  • Incorporate ESD into educational activities and curricula
  • Define and implement learning strategies
  • Cooperate with other stakeholders


National stakeholders
  • Ministries: provide a national policy framework, budget and mobilize resources, support, foster public awareness …
  • NGOs: facilitate the exchange and sharing of information on best practices and experiences
  • The media: incorporate awareness-raising into media strategies
  • Companies and professional associations: identify their challenges and education needs
  • All: cooperate within the national ESD task force


At regional level
  • IGOs, representatives of bilateral cooperation and of international institutions: support policy formulation as well as national and regional initiatives, promote information exchange
  • NGO networks and groups: promote information exchange
  • Media groups: joint media strategies
  • Private sector associations: cooperation between the private sector and other stakeholders
  • All: cooperate within the within the regional ESD group


International stakeholders
  • International ad hoc working groups: Gather information, promote the DESD
  • IGOs (UN and others): Contribute to the interagency task force, Include ESD planning in work plans and initiatives, participate in forums
  • NGO networks: interregional exchange, learning and information
  • Bilateral and multilateral agencies: Include ESD in programmes and budgets, research


UNESCO’s lead role at international level

The work as DESD lead agency includes:

  • standard-setting, clearing house, capacity-building actions
  • partnerships (private sector, youth and media)
  • monitoring and evaluation
  • research
  • international cooperation, meetings and exchanges (stakeholders, states…)
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