UNESCO supports education programmes for sustainable development worldwide

UNESCO works throughout the world to support ESD. Read 3 stories: on the Caribbean islands youth and Heritage sites, the MDG needs of the Pacifc island youth and Mexico, where children can influence decision-making.

Youth Poverty Alleviation through Tourism and Heritage

YouthPATH trains youth, aged 15 to 25, throughout the Caribbean. The students learn:

  • to document and develop natural and cultural heritage sites
  • promote sites as international tourism destinations
  • entrepreneurial skills for income generation.

Over 200 youth have participated. Partnerships with the private sector now ensure the continuation of the training.

Active Pacific Youth: 170 youth unite to reach development goals

Pacific Youth was initiated in 2005 to give a voice to youth members of Pacific nations on the MDGs. It is run exclusively by youth and spans over 15 countries.

Most of the work is conducted by 170 members living in the Pacific Island nations.

The primary mode of communication is an email forum.

Key achievements include:

  • the 1st Pacific Youth Summit (with UNDP and the Samoan government)
  • US$20,000 in grants and promotion of the UNESCO Youth Visioning Fund
  • The ‘Pacific Youth Toolkit for the MDGs’ (with the Australian National Commission to UNESCO)
  • A Youth media and radio projects across the region with Youth Action for Change

Influential children: when Mexican school students write to ministers

Water mismanagement leaves 1 in 6 people without safe drinking water. Children intuitively understand the importance of water.

UNESCO supported in 2006 the project ‘Letters to Ministers’: children shared their views with Ministers attending the World Water Forum in Mexico.

Objective: increasing the political will related to water issues.

(project implemented by the Mexican Academy of Sciences Water Network)

Read the children’s letters to Ministers (PDF)

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