Phase I (2007-2009): Contexts and Structures for ESD

Phase I of the DESD M&E process focused on collecting information related to contexts in which regions and countries around the world are trying to develop Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and related forms of education and learning. Phase I also focused on gathering information related to the meaning that that is extended to the term “ESD” at regional and local levels. 

Phase I equally put the spotlight on structures that countries have put in place to promote and facilitate ESD. Policies, coordination mechanisms, budget allocations, to name a few, constitute the basic building blocks necessary for progress in ESD to be achieved. 

Phase I of the DESD M&E process was underpinned by the Global Monitoring and Evaluation Framework (GMEF) for Phase I. The GMEF for Phase I comprises 5 mutually supportive components:

  • Questionnaire
  • Complementary research
  • Multi-stakeholder consultation process (MSCP)
  • UNESCO self-evaluation portfolio of evidence
  • Longitudinal assessment (was not implemented)

The data generated from the implementation of the first four components of the GMEF were used to develop the 2009 DESD M&E report.

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