Phase II (2010-2012): Processes and learning for ESD

©UNESCO/ Sam Dhillon

Phase II of the DESD M&E process focuses on processes and learning for ESD. To succinctly explain the phrase processes and learning for ESD, “processes” implies approaches, focus,  and teaching and learning styles adopted to implement ESD in different types, levels and settings of education.

“Learning” for ESD seeks to document what has been learnt by those receiving ESD as well as by those funding or facilitating learning opportunities in this area.

Phase II also focuses on what has begun to change since the outset of the Decade.  

Phase II of the DESD M&E process is underpinned by the Global Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for Phase II.

The GMEF for Phase II comprises six mutually supportive components:

  • Expert Review
  • ESD Portal of experiences
  • Case studies
  • Questionnaire
  • Internal Assessment of UN Agencies’ Contribution to DESD
  • Key Informant Analysis

The information generated from the implementation of the six components will inform the 2012 DESD M&E report.

The 2012 DESD M&E report was published in June 2012.

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