Faith-based organizations

Hindu priest officiating ritual for Romuvan community in Lithuania – wikipedia commons

©Mantas LT

Ganga Dashara Festival

©Barry Silver

Japanese shrine in forest – from wikipedia


The DESD International Implementation Scheme identifies faith-based organizations and communities as potential key partners locally, nationally and internationally in the Decade. 

Religions and belief systems the world over uphold a common concern for the welfare of the planet and its inhabitants. The DESD is therefore an opportunity for faith-based communities to explore this concern more fully and to engage in educational efforts in support of sustainable development. 

There are many examples of faith-based organizations which beyond their religious teaching implement sustainability-related activities in their communities. Some care for the natural world through environmental conservation and restoration measures. Others care for the needy in their communities through providing food, water, shelter and other basic necessities for the most vulnerable.


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