©UNESCO/Sergio Santimano
Women listening to Radio Cascata (Namaacha)

Journalists and media organizationsare essential partners in ESD. ESD is also about building inclusive knowledge societies and advancing the mutual knowledge and understanding of peoples through all means of communication. The media thus plays an essential role in educating the public at large about the various dimensions of sustainable development. 

Media professionals are susceptible to influence decision-makers, parliaments, editors, colleagues and society on a wide range of issues, from HIV and AIDS prevention to human rights, as well as raising awareness of environmental concerns and disaster response. Identifying relevant and reliable information resources is a daily challenge for many media professionals. Those with limited or no access to the Internet and new media technologies - the daily reality for the majority of developing countries - are especially in need of dependable sources of information.  

Strengthening information and communication capacities is a necessary investment for promoting a vision of sustainability. It concerns facilitating universal access to information and education through public spaces and platforms including print, electronic, community and mobile media, libraries, and internet.


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