Deprivation and Marginalization in Education (DME)

New data set on marginalization in education

The EFA Global Monitoring Report 2010 - Reaching the marginalized draws on a newly compiled data set on Deprivation and Marginalization in Education (DME), which looks at how long children are spending in school, and who are getting left behind.

Use the links below to consult the data set on-line or download it.


Global snapshot
In which countries and which regions are children getting the fewest years in school?  How do the poorest and richest compare? How big is the gender gap?  This table illustrates education marginalization around the world.

Disparities in education poverty
Education poverty varies greatly by factors such as wealth, location, gender, ethnicity and language.  Use this chart to compare the scale of this variation across 80 countries.


Country overviews
Select a country and explore the ways that different factors such as wealth, gender and location, combine to reinforce the marginalization of particular groups.

About the data set
Learn more about the data set, methodology and definitions. The data set uses a range of measures to document different dimensions of marginalization, including education poverty and national disparities.  



Download the dataset
Download the whole data set or the data for single countries.

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