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  • Reflections on WISE – The World Innovation Summit for Education
    Tim Unwin's Blog - 28 Nov 2009
    As the 2009 Global Monitoring Report summarised, “Progress towards the EFA goals is being undermined by a failure of governments to tackle persistent inequalities based on income, gender, location, ethnicity, language, disability and other markers for disadvantage”.
  • African network presents state of education, appeal to Mutharika for AU intervention
    Nyasa Times, Malawi - 20 Nov 2009
    The African Network on Education For all, ANCEF, has called upon African Union (AU) designated chair, Malawi President Bingu wa Mutharika to change the way AU is addressing issues of education in Africa.
  • MIB Should Be At Heart Of All Educational Plans - 6 Nov 2009
    Sultan Lauds Brunei's Achievements In Titah
  • Opinion: Educating our way out of the crisis
    GlobalPost - 6 Nov 2009
    After global finances and climate change, education should be number three for the G20. - Desmond Bermingham
  • Malaysia Among Most Successful In Giving People Access To Education
    Bernama, Malaysia - 28 Oct 2009
    Genting Highlands - Malaysia has been recognised as among countries most successful in providing access to education for all, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said.
  • Bamako to host education conference on contractual teachers
    GNA / GhanaWeb, Ghana - 26 Oct 2009
  • Why books make the best gifts
    Examiner, USA - 15 Oct 2009
  • Beyond the traditional view of literacy
    The Daily Star, Bangladesh - 8 Sept 2009
    Today, when we as well as the international community are observing International Literacy Day 2009, some 776 million adults lack minimum literacy skills.
  • Small blessings
    Textual Confessions, Malaysia - 8 Sept 2009
    Even with all the wrongs in the Malaysian education system, we have done some things right, keeping our literacy rates high  for one (88.7% according to the UNDP 2007/2008 report). Thailand’s The Nation has an excellent opinion piece on International Literacy Day.
  • India and its Literacy Mission
    Northern Voices Online, India - 7 Sept 2009
    September 8th of every year is observed as International Literacy Day. India has put its Literacy Mission high on agenda with the government initiating a number of measures including the adoption of the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education, to achieve higher literacy rate in the country.
  • Time for School Series - Who's Being Left Behind?
    Public Broadcasting Service, USA - 2 September 2009
    Around the world, children from ethnic, racial and linguistic minorities are being left behind in the quest for universal education.
  • 98% Ugandan kids do not go to nursery
    The New Vision, Uganda - 26 August 2009
    Only 2% of Ugandan children receive early childhood education, a report has said.
  • India's Education Mess
    Asia Sentinel, India - 17 August 2009
    Delhi attempts to clean up a centuries-old school system
  • Poor student learning explains the Latin American growth puzzle
    Vox - 14 August 2009
    Latin Americans are relatively educated, so why has their economic growth lagged over the past four decades? This column attributes the disappointing performance to the difference between educational quantity and quality. Schooling is relevant for economic growth only insofar as it actually improves cognitive skills, and Latin American economies have lagged in terms of educational quality.
  • Education for All at risk
    Bangkok Post, Thailand - 11 Aug 2009
    Global recession threatens to thwart the 2015 target date
  • Brunei To Produce Report On Education Assessment
    BruDirect, Brunei - 11 Aug 2009
    Brunei is preparing to produce its first Education For All (EFA) Assessment country report which will discuss issues to find out whether the country's education system corresponds with the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation's (UNESCO) EFA's objectives.
  • ‘Education for All’ Launched in Rundu
    New ERA, Namibia - 29 July 2009
    RUACANA – The Ministry of Education launched the Education for All (EFA) week at Ruacana in the Omusati Region on Monday.
  • Overcoming Inequality and Sinus: Why Governance Matters
    Rutgers, Public Performance Measurement & Reporting Network, USA - 27 July 2009
  • Muhyiddin: Government wants education for all
    The Sun, Malaysia - 20 July, 2009
    More than 125,000 children of primary school age in the country, mostly in the remote and isolated areas, are still not in school, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said.
  • Education – 2009 Education for All Global Monitoring Report
    SocioLingo Africa - 20 July 2009
  • World Bank health work flawed - still pushing privatisation of services
    Bretton Woods Project - 10 July 2009
    ... UNESCO’s Education for All Global Monitoring Report, which finds: “public-private partnerships have a mixed and modest record on learning achievements and equity. ...
  • Achieving full gender equality in education
    IFUW (International Federation of University Women) Blog - 30 June 2009
    Why is there such a difference in educational outcomes? UNESCO suggests that how education systems are organized, whether teachers treat girls and boys differently in the classroom, and sexual stereotyping in textbooks all play a role. What is your experience from your country?
  • Losing the literacy race, Pakistan - 28 June 2009
    At a time when the country is mired in serious crises, a numbers game focusing on who can and cannot read might appear trivial. But it is not. Literacy, next to education, is the key factor in breaking the cycle of disadvantage that developing countries are trapped in.
  • Alors que l'échéance est fixée en 2015 : L'Education pour tous ne sera pas atteinte en Afrique subsaharienne
    Walf Fadjri, Senegal - June 2009
    Les objectifs de l'éducation pour tous ne seront pas atteints en Afrique subsaharienne. C'est le rapport mondial de suivi sur l'Ept 2009 qui l'affirme, non sans proposer des solutions pour surmonter les nombreux défis auxquels elle fait face.
  • Elusive Education Targets
    Newswatch Magazine, Nigeria - 15 June 2009 
    Nigeria has a mountain to climb to ensure that its school-age children have access to basic but qualitative primary education
  • Uganda: Govt Right on Prioritising Education in Budget - 15 June 2009
    In the 2009/2010 national budget, education takes up the second biggest share, with expenditure for the first time exceeding sh1trillion. This, I must say, is commendable as the Government prioritised one of the most important sectors that can drive development.
  • Ghana: Pamoja Forum Recognizes Youth And Adult Literacy As Key to Development - 12 June 2009
    Ghana needs to redouble her efforts at ensuring that youth and adult literacy is increased by fifty per cent by 2015, the benchmark of the Education for All (EFA) Goal 4, a goal which Ghana's government has committed to.
  • Education: Vision 2015, Pakistan - 9 June 2009
    Two inter-related upcoming events are likely to be significant indications of the federal government’s effort and commitment to improving education in general and to achieving the Education for All Millennium Development Goals in particular.
  • Education for All Report 2008-an Eye Opner for Policy Makers
    Bibliolatry Blog - 9 June 2009
  • Obama's Education Promise for the Muslim World—Rhetoric or Reality?
    Brookings, USA - 5 June 2009
    ...Recognizing that education is central to any long-term progress in the 21st century, he promised to partner with “any Muslim-majority country” to improve girls’ literacy and women’s employment.
  • Education pour tous : La victoire est encore loin
    L'Essor, Mali - 5 June 2009
    Les inégalités multiples et multiformes aggravent les difficultés d'accès de certaines couches sociales à l'éducation
  • Lancement du Rapport mondial de suivi de l’EPT
    Agence de Presse Sénégalaise, Senegal - 2 June 2009
    Le 8-ème Rapport mondial de suivi de l’Education pour tous (EPT) 2009, intitulé ‘’Vaincre l’inégalité : l’importance de la gouvernance’’ a été lancé mardi à Dakar par l’UNESCO-BREDA à l’occasion du Forum national sur les innovations éducatives.
  • 10 years of Democracy: Weep not for education...
    Vanguard, Nigeria - 28 May 2009
    EFA Global Monitoring Report says that many of the countries of the developing world will not achieve the Education For All (EFA) goals by 2015.
  • Book clubs in villages, Pakistan - 26 May 2009
    The National Book Foundation plans to set up book clubs across the country, focusing particularly on remote villages.
  • Education en Afrique: Ouverture lundi à Dakar d'un atelier
    Afrique en ligne - 14 May 2009
    Sénégal - Un atelier de développement des capacités des acteurs de l'éducation en Afrique s'ouvre lundi prochain à Dakar sous l'égide de l'initiative Education pour tous (EPT), a appris jeudi la PANA d'un communiqué de la Banque mondiale.
  • Sharp drop in aid to basic education jeopardizes school chances for millions
    Kazinform, Kazahkstan - 29 Apr 2009
    Astana: A sharp decline in aid to basic education to developing countries threatens to reverse progress towards the international goal of universal primary schooling. This is the stark conclusion drawn by UNESCO’s Education for All Global Monitoring Report Team, Kazinform refers to the UNESCO News Service.
  • Education For All - Global Monitoring Report 2009
    ReliefWeb - 29 Apr 2009
    When a majority of the world's countries committed at the turn of the new century to achieve Education for All (EFA) by 2015, they did so with the confidence that the EFA goals would stand the test of time.
  • Lack of literacy pushes 776 million youths to the wall: UNESCO
    Daily Times, Pakistan - 29 Apr 2009
    Islamabad: Pakistan Coalition for Education (PCE) on Tuesday organised a seminar on adult literacy titled ’For Developed and Peaceful Pakistan’.
  • Africa: World Downturn Squeezing Continent - 29 Apr 2009
    As the world's economic woes deepen, Africa's leaders are delivering a strong message to the international community that it must help the continent protect the development gains of recent years
  • Cuba Leads Region in UNESCO Report on Education
    Juventud Rebelde, Cuba - 24 Apr 2009
  • Education Ministry To Further Develop 'Permata' Programme
    Bernama, Malaysia - 16 Apr 2009
    The Ministry of Education is to further develop early childhood education and care under the 'Permata' programme next year to realise the nation's dream and aspiration.
  • What Obama’s Trip to Europe Revealed
    Global Research, Canada - 6 Apr 2009
    Ultimately, the global recession is having barbarous consequences all over the world and the problem is not being seriously addressed. The Global Monitoring Report from Unesco estimates that, in Africa  starvation will endanger the lives of tens of millions of people.  In the U.S. 1 in 9 people now need government assistance for food.
  • High illiteracy rate
    Punch, Nigeria - 1 Apr 2009
    The 2007 Education for All Global Monitoring Report indicates that the country has 63 per cent illiteracy rate and that it is among the 12 countries, which harbour three quarters of the world’s illiterate population. The EFA also says there is a high disparity between female and male literacy.
  • Spending on education must be a priority
    The Nation, Thailand - 31 Mar 2009
    The latest report from Unesco shows that developing countries including Thailand are not spending enough on basic education.
  • 'Education For All' Report gives Brunei the nod
    Borneo Bulletin, Brunei Darussalam - 27 Mar 2009
    Brunei Darussalam is making good progress towards achieving the 'Education For All' (EFA) goals, according to a report released by UNESCO recently.
  • Not all education targets met in time
    The Nation, Thailand - 25 Mar 2009
    Even though some countries have made significant progress in educating its population, the goals have not been met within the deadline...
  • Malaysia Allocates 25% Of Expenditure For Education
    Bernama, Malaysia - 24 Mar 2009
    Malaysia had the highest allocation of total public expenditure for education at 25 per cent, and is making good progress towards the Education for All (EFA) goals, according to a report released by UNESCO Tuesday.
  • Education goals threatened
    Bangkok Post,Thailand - 24 Mar 2009
    Almost 30 million children worldwide are at risk of not getting a primary education
  • Governor laments sorry state of country's higher education system
    The Times of India, Varanasi - 24 Mar 2009
    "To put it bluntly, close to two-third of our universities and 90 per cent of our colleges are functioning below even the most minimal level of academic acceptability," said India's former vice chancellor of Goa University.
  • On living with less, from 3 points of view
    International Herald Tribune - 13 Mar 2009
    "Across town, a few days earlier, sounded a cri de coeur that was just as timeless and true: the indignation of international aid workers, labor officials and others about the ever quickening, ever harsher impact of the global crisis on the developing world.
  • Zambia’s Education System - 44 years after independence, Zambia - 12 Mar 2009
    Can someone explain to me why it is good for children in western world to have compulsory education up to grade 12 and why that is a bad idea for children in Zambia?
  • Minister Power launches “Education for All” Global Monitoring Report
    Department of Foreign Affairs, Ireland - 11 Mar 2009
    Minister of State for Overseas Development, Peter Power, T.D., today launched the 2009 UNESCO Global Monitoring Report, at the Irish Aid Volunteering and Information Centre in Dublin.  The report, which monitors progress on achieving education for all children in the world demonstrates that the number of children starting primary school has risen sharply...
  • Don't look back
    The Guardian, UK - 10 Mar 2009
    The push to get all children into school has seen spectacular successes in Tanzania. But with up to 70 pupils to a class, and global aid faltering in the recession, can progress be sustained?
  • Forgotten victims of the global downturn
    Financial Times, UK - 10 Mar 2009
    At a recent private brainstorming session at United Nations headquarters in New York, Ban Ki-moon, the secretary-general, heard a uniformly grim assessment of the devastating impact the global financial crisis will have on the developing world.
  • Issues in education:  The local and the international - success story
    Mmegi Online Vol. 26, No. 36, Botswana - 9 Mar 2009
    The secret of success in establishing equitable and quality education is one key issue...
  • La crise mondiale retirera 20% du revenu des plus pauvres d'Afrique - 7 March 2009
    La crise financière mondiale s'étend bien  au-delà de Wall Street...
  • Die Hungerkrise, Germany - 6 Mar 2009
    Eine Studie der Vereinten Nationen offenbart Schreckliches: Wegen des Finanzcrashs könnten bis zu 400.000 Kinder sterben.
  • UNESCO says financial crises to deepen poverty
    Afrique en ligne, Mali - 5 Mar 2009
    A UN Report says the global financial crises sweeping through US and European banking sectors will touch the lives of the world's most vulnerable
  • Financial crisis will lead to deaths of thousands of children, India, 5 Mar 2009
    The global financial crisis sweeping through Wall Street and European banking sector will touch the lives of the world's most vulnerable,
  • Credit Crunch Means Poor Suffer Most
    Yzerfontein Chronicles, South Africa - 5 Mar 2009
    The credit crunch is hitting the income of the world's poorest people the most and will make the UN's Millennium Development Goals more difficult to achieve.
  • UNESCO for Donors Urgent Help
    Prensa Latina, Cuba - 4 Mar 2009
    UNESCO urged aid donors to do far more to protect the world’s poorest people from a crisis manufactured by the world’s richest financiers and regulatory failure in rich countries.
  • UNESCO study warns of extreme financial crisis impact on Africa
    Global Research, Canada - 4 Mar 2009
    A new United Nations study has called for increased development aid to poor sub-Saharan Africa to avert extreme impact of the financial crisis.
  • Meltdown to affect the world’s poor: UNESCO
    The Hindu, India - 4 Mar 2009
    The global financial crisis sweeping through Wall Street and European banking sector will touch the lives of the world’s most vulnerable, push millions into deeper poverty and lead to the deaths of thousands of children, a new United Nations study said.
  • We Don't Need No Education? Why the United States Should Take the Lead on Global Education
    Center for Global Development - 2 Mar 2009
    President Barack Obama will have a chance to build support for his proposal for a U.S.-led Global Fund for Education when he hosts UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown in the White House this week.
  • Inequalities in RP Deprive Kids of Basic Education
    Cavinti diaspora, Philippines - 25 Feb 2009
    The 2009 EFA Global Monitoring Report has described the Philippines as among the 21 countries with “high enrolment, low survival.” Its partial projections show that of at least 29 million children who will still be out of school in 2015, more than 900,000 will be Filipinos.
  • Tajikistan: the education system gets a failing grade - 20 Feb 2009
    Although Tajikistan boasts of having a near-universal literacy rate, the Central Asian nation’s education system is failing. Deficiencies in primary, secondary, and higher education mean that, in perhaps most cases, parents in Tajikistan are better educated than their children.
  • Overcoming inequality: why governance matters-EFA Report 2009
    dgCommunities - 14 Feb 2009
  • Current education system is sowing seeds of discontent
    The New Vision, Uganda - 11 Feb 2009
    The current education system is sowing the seeds of tomorrow’s social and economic inequalities, regional disparities, gender imbalance, exclusive leadership and masses of the unemployed and under-employed street youths!
  • Overcoming inequality: why governance matters (Education for all global monitoring report 2009)
    Australian Policy Online - 09 Feb 2009
    Despite much progress since 2000, millions of children, youth and adults still lack access to good quality education and the benefits it brings. This inequality of opportunity is undermining progress towards achieving Education for All by 2015.
  • Inequality undermines education opportunities for million of children Research for Development, United Kingdom - 29 Jan 2009
    Research for Development, the UK Department for International Development's (DfID) portal for data on research,  is highlighting the 2009 EFA Global Monitoring Report this month and has produced three Summary sheets based on it:
  • Are the Dakar Education for All goals slipping away?
    eGov monitor - 15 Dec 2008
    In 2000, 164 countries committed themselves to achieve six Education for All goals by 2015 to improve learning opportunities for children, youth and adults.
  • Minority tongues face grim future
    The Phnom Penh Post, Cambodia - 09 Dec 2008 
    Specialists say the languages of Cambodia's once-isolated highland minorities are being eroded by global forces beyond the control of government initiatives designed to revive them
  • Behind the death of a 10th class student
    VietNamNet, Hanoi, Vietnam - 9 Dec 2008
    Even a $13 school fee can be an impossible obstacle to a poor student.
  • Issues in Education
    Mmegi Online, Botswana - 8 Dec 2008
    Where does Botswana stand in relation to achieving the EFA Goals by 2015?
  • Education hard hit by financial
    Mail&Guardian online, South Africa - 3 Dec 2008
    The impact of the global financial crisis on donor aid, especially for developing countries, is threatening development, particularly when it comes to advances in education.
  • Uganda: Why the Rural Poor Shun School, Uganda - 2 Dec 2008
    The view from Uganda, where changing the mindset of rural people about the value of education is a challenge.
  • Les inégalités de chance minent les progrès
    Quotidien Le Soleil, Senegal - 2 Dec 2008
    Les inégalités de chance sont en train de miner les efforts en matière d’éducation dans le monde. En tout cas, c’est ce qui ressort du Rapport mondial de suivi de l’éducation pour tous (Ept) 2009.
  • Inequalities in RP deprive children of basic education - Unesco
    Vera Files, Philippines - 1 Dec 2008
    Governments around the world, including the Philippines, are depriving children of basic literacy and numeracy skills because they have failed to address “deep and persistent” inequalities in education.
  • Less education for poor in RP, Philippines - 1 Dec 2008
    An in-depth look at what the EFA Global Monitoring Report 2009 has to say about education, gender, poverty, ineqaulities of opportunity and financial aid in the Philippines.
  • West's pledge to tackle global poverty has been crowded out by our own crisis
    The Guardian, UK - 1 Dec 2008
    The promises at Gleneagles came in good times - but they must not be forgotten.
  • Vision 20-2020 endangered by falling education standard—Senate   
    Vanguard, Nigeria - 27 Nov 2008 
    The Senate Committee on Education has warned that prospects of achieving the vision 20-2020 goals of the administration were endangered by the falling standard of education. The Committee at a press briefing heralding the forthcoming education summit noted Nigeria’s ranking as the 18th country less favoured to achieve the 2015 goal of Education For All (EFA) by UNESCO.
  • Child health and wellbeing
    The Lancet Student - 27 Nov 2008
    The leading medical journal in global health informs and encourages involvement by students in world health issues. The EFA Global Monitoring Report 2009 is mentioned because it explicitly links health and nutrition to school readiness and achievement.
  • É a escola que tem de ser reprovada (pdf)
    Época magazine, Brazil – 27 Nov 2008
    A avaliação da Unesco se concentra no ensino da 1ª à 4ª série. O índice de repetência total dessa fase no Brasil é de 19%. Esse é só o começo do problema.
  • Malnutrition downplaying India's economic growth: UN
    RxPG News, India - 26 Nov 2008 
    The global education body has described the flagship Integrated Child Development Service - as a failure. 'The programme fails to preferentially target girls, children from lower castes and the poor, all of whom face higher risk of malnutrition.'
  • Education: UNESCO Global Monitoring Report 2009
    CRIN - Child Rights Information Network - 26 Nov 2008
    One child in eight in developing countries gets no primary schooling, according to a United Nations report released Tuesday, which made it clear that the target of primary education for all the world's children by 2015 would not be met.
  • Out-of-School Kids: Nigeria, Pakistan Lead
    Thisday, Nigeria - 26 Nov 2008
    Nigeria and Pakistan are projected to have 7.6 and 3.7 million children respectively, one third of at least 29 million children, around the world who, will still be out of school in 2015.
  • L'Unesco dénonce les inégalités dans l'Éducation
    RFI, France - 26 Nov 2008
    Alors que s’ouvre à Genève, la 48e session de la Conférence internationale de l’Éducation intitulée L’éducation pour l’inclusion: la voie de l’avenir, le rapport de l’Unesco rendu public ce 25 novembre confirme que des millions d’enfants dans le monde sont condamnés à la pauvreté du fait de l’incapacité à réduire les inégalités profondes dans l’éducation.
  • Investment in education as good as Africa's
    The Economic Times, India - 26 Nov 2008
    For a government that has prided itself on its commitment to education, Unesco’s Education For All Global Monitoring Report 2009 came with a severe indictment. According to the report, public investment in education in India was at 3.3% of the country’s gross national product, a figure that put India’s public investment in education at lower than sub-Saharan Africa’s median.
  • Alarmante informe de la Unesco sobre rezago en educación mundial
    La Republica, Uruguay - 26 Nov 2008
    La Unesco presentó ayer el informe anual sobre los Objetivos del Milenio en materia de Educación, que reveló grandes retrocesos en analfabetismo y mortalidad infantil. Según el documento, los gobiernos no priorizan a los pobres, a los jóvenes y ni a los adultos.
  • Educational 'gulf' for children of the world
    The Guardian, UK - 26 Nov 2008
    Target for 2015 primary education could be missed as poorest lose out, says UN
  • Unesco highlights gulf in education
    Financial Times, UK - 25 Nov 2008
    Nigeria and Pakistan together could account for one third of the world’s children out of school by the year 2015, according to a report published on Tuesday by Unesco that highlights the “vast gulf” in education opportunities separating the developing and developed worlds.
  • Aides à l'éducation de base : la France et l'Allemagne épinglés
    Le Monde, France - 25 Nov 2008
    L'aide des pays développés à l'éducation bat de l'aile, en particulier la part de ces financements consacrée à la scolarisation de base. Plus préoccupant encore, certains grands pays donateurs, dont la France, "détournent" une bonne partie de cette aide destinée à la scolarisation pour attirer de jeunes étrangers qui viennent étudier sur leur territoire.
  • UNESCO Report: Inequality undermining education opportunities for millions of children
    International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW), Switzerland - 25 Nov 2008
  • Aide à l'éducation : la France épinglée
    Le Figaro, France - 25 Nov 2008
    Des millions de dollars destinés officiellement par le gouvernement français à l'aide à l'éducation dans les pays en voie de développement bénéficient en fait aux universités françaises sous forme de bourses d'études, a déploré l'Unesco aujourd'hui.
  • Unesco: l'inégalité compromet les chances d'éducation de millions d'enfants  | CHI
    Xinhua, China - 25 Nov 2008
    Des millions d'enfants dans le  monde n'ont accès à l'éducation du fait de l'incapacité de  gouvernements à réduire les inégalités profondes et persistantes  dans ce secteur, indique un rapport de l'Organisation des Nations  unies pour l'éducation, la science et la culture (Unesco) rendu  public mardi à l'occasion de la 48e conférence sur l'éducation  internationale à Genève, en Suisse.
  • Education and inequality - School years
    Economist, UK - 25 Nov 2008
    The education gap between the richest and poorest within developing countries
  • Millions of children lack schooling, UN report finds
    International Herald Tribune - 25 Nov 2008
    One child in eight in developing countries gets no primary schooling, according to a United Nations report released Tuesday, which made it clear that the target of primary education for all the world's children by 2015 would not be met.
  • World to miss primary school goal 
    BBC News, UK - 25 Nov 2008
    The goal of primary education for all will be missed unless rich countries meet their aid pledges, according to a UN report.
  • La ONU denuncia la "indiferencia política" para el acceso de los pobres a la educación
    El Pais, Spain - 25 Nov 2008
    Asegura que las "desigualdades inaceptables" en la escolarización "condenan" a vivir en la miseria a millones de niños
  • Santiago launch of 2009 Global Monitoring Report reaps 209 articles in the Latin America and Caribbean press


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