Report 2005

Education for All - The Quality Imperative

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Quality is at the heart of education. It influences what students learn, how well they learn and what benefits they draw from their education.

The quest to ensure that students achieve decent learning outcomes and acquire values and skills that help them play a positive role in their societies is an issue on the policy agenda of nearly every country.

As many governments strive to expand basic education, they also face the challenge of ensuring that students stay in school long enough to acquire the knowledge they need to cope in a rapidly changing world.

Assessments show that this is not happening in many countries. This Report reviews research evidence on the multiple factors that determine quality, and maps out key policies for improving the teaching and learning process, especially in low-income countries. It monitors international assistance to education and progress towards the six goals of Education for All, to which over 160 countries committed themselves in 2000, at the World Education Forum.


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Regional overviews

  • Regional Overviews
    Arab States; Central and Eastern Europe; Central Asia; East Asia and the Pacific; Latin America and the Caribbean; North America and Western Europe; South and West Asia; Sub-Saharan Africa

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