“Better Life, Better Future”

- Lower secondary school girls at Dibate secondary school, Ethiopia.

Global partnership for girls’ and women’s education

UNESCO launched the Global Partnership for Girls’ and Women’s Education, known as ‘Better Life, Better Future’, in 2011 guided by the conviction that educating girls and women can break the cycle of poverty and foster greater social justice. The Partnership seeks to increase learning opportunities for adolescent girls and women and to find solutions to some of the biggest challenges and obstacles to their education. Particular emphasis is given to expanding and improving the quality of education for girls and women at the secondary level and in the area of literacy, to take successful initiatives to scale, to replicate good practice and to engage new actors.

What has the partnership achieved so far?

UNESCO established dynamic partnerships to support marginalized girls and women in Africa and Asia. A number of projects have been launched, focusing on remote, rural areas.  More


Important partners have joined the Partnership since it was launched and the number continues to increase. These include:

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