UNESCO eAtlas of Gender Equality in Education

With over 120 maps, charts and tables, the UNESCO World Atlas of Gender Equality in Education enables readers to visualize the educational pathways of girls and boys in terms of access, participation and progression from pre-primary to tertiary education.

The Atlas features a wide range of sex-disaggregated data and gender indicators from the UNESCO Institute for Statistics. It also illustrates the extent to which gender disparities in education have changed since 1970 and are shaped by factors such as national wealth, geographic location, investment in education and fields of study.

Also planned for mid-2012 is an online data mapping tool for tracking trends over time, adapting the maps and exporting the data


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>> The Full Publication  

>> Chapter 1: Increased worldwide demand for quality schooling (1,16 Mo)

>> Chapter 2: Girls’ right to education (3,79 Mo )

>> Chapter 3: Enrolment and gender trends: primary education  (2,52 Mo)

>> Chapter 4: Enrolment and gender trends: secondary education (1,60 Mo)

>> Chapter 5: Enrolment and gender trends: tertiary education (1,00 Mo)

>> Chapter 6: Trends in school-life expectancy ( 4,13 Mo)

>> Chapter 7: Gender trends: adult and youth literacy ( 5,82 Mo)

>> Chapter 8: How policies affect gender equality in education (6,94 Mo)


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