I never reported the bullying, even when I was physically assaulted, as I believed that nothing would be done about it”  Full story

“I’m not the most masculine person and I was teased a lot in primary school – an age when words hurt most… I had a hard time. My grades fell dramatically. I started skipping classes and skipping school” Full story

“I was born as a man, but never felt comfortable living as a male… That did not mean I wanted to be a woman, but rather somewhere in between male and female. I am transgender… In elementary and high school I could not express my identity openly."  Full story

“I knew I was gay by the time I was nine years old. I was bullied, tormented at school.. I went to seven different schools, because the teachers just did not know how to deal with me. I thought that being gay was a sin”  Full story

“I was born with a boy’s body but from an early age I wanted to be a girl… when I was in Grade 7 I realised I was a transsexual …That was the first time that I tried to castrate myself… We had a social worker at school and we worked through my feelings”  Full story

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