Consultations with member States

UNESCO invites Member States to introduce the history of the Holocaust and mass atrocities in curricula and to develop relevant educational programmes. To that end, UNESCO works with Ministries of Education to build their capacity to handle this difficult subject.

UNESCO Consultation with 14 countries of Africa on “Why Teach about Genocide? The Example of the Holocaust?” in Cape Town, South Africa

UNESCO Consultation with 9 countries of Latin America on Holocaust and Genocide Education, in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Other related events

  •  International Conference  “International Perspectives on Holocaust Education”, January 2012 

  • Videoconference with UNESCO Regional Bureau for Education in Africa, in partnership with the Ministry of Education of Senegal, January 2012, in partnership with the Shoah Memorial 
  • Experts meeting “Holocaust education in a Global Context”, April 2012 In partnership with the Topography of Terror Foundation
    Programme / Report  
  • Videoconference with journalists and media professionals on “Media and Genocide: Reflections on the Holocaust” in partnership with the Shoah Memorial, January 2013

  • International Conference “From Holocaust Education to the Prevention  of Genocide: What have we learnt from the Past?” in partnership with the Office of the United Nations Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide, January 2013 
    Speech by the Director-General of UNESCO
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