14.12.2011 - Education Sector

Teaching the Holocaust in primary schools

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Why, what and how can educators teach about the Holocaust? A symposium at UNESCO Headquarters entitled “Teaching difficult issues in primary schools: the example of the Holocaust” (15 December) will deal with the relevance and objectives of addressing the genocide of the Jewish people in primary schools.

This issue causes differences of opinion within the teaching community and raises questions related to the pedagogical objectives of education on the Holocaust and the introduction of such a topic to a very young audience. Nevertheless, several countries have adopted the subject in primary school curricula.  

Within the framework of its programme on education for Holocaust remembrance, UNESCO is inviting historians and educators of several countries to propose an overview of current practices. 

The International Day of Commemoration in memory of Victims of the Holocaust is on 27 January. UNESCO is organizing a ceremony on 31 January 2012.   

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