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Education for ‘Global citizenship’: Beyond the ‘Fuzzword’
Sobhi Tawil 
In: Norrag Blog - February 2014

Two roads ahead for education – which one should we take?   
Sobhi Tawil           
In: Adult Education and Development, No. 80 - December 2013

Towards a humanism of knowledge, action and cooperation 
Georges Haddad & Jean-Pierre Aubin 
In: International Review of Education - April 2013

Teaching: A Profession with a Future 
Georges Haddad
In: Worlds of Education, No. 159 - November 2012

Que faut-il enseigner et comment évaluer les connaissances ? 
Georges Haddad  
In: Hommes & Libertés, No 159  - September 2012

UNESCO Papers on Education Post-2015

UNESCO Principles on Education and Development Beyond 2015   UNESCO Education Research and Foresight -  March 2013


Education and Skills for Inclusive and Sustainable Development Beyond 2015 UNESCO Thematic Think Piece
UN System Task Team on the Post-2015 UN Development Agenda - May 2012


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