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School in Thailand

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School in Thailand

Collaboration between UNESCO and the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights is especially significant, as both have shared concerns and common objectives in monitoring the implementation of the right to education in a complementary spirit. UNESCO participates in the work of the Pre-sessional working group of the Committee.


Joint Expert Group UNESCO (CR)/ECOSOC (CESCR) on the monitoring of the right to education

In 2001, the UNESCO Executive Board approved the establishment of a Joint Expert Group UNESCO (CR)/ECOSOC (CESCR) on the monitoring of the right to education
This decision institutionalised and reinforced the collaboration between the Organization and CESCR for the monitoring and promotion of this right. The decision also contains information about the terms of reference and the composition of the Group.


The Joint Expert Group UNESCO/CESCR :

(a) formulates practical suggestions for strengthening the growing collaboration between UNESCO (CR) and ECOSOC (CESCR) for the purpose of monitoring and promoting the right to education in all its dimensions;

(b) suggests specific measures for cooperative action by the two bodies with a view to imparting synergy to the follow-up to the Dakar Framework for Action within the United Nations system;

(c) considers the possibilities for reducing the reporting burden on States in relation to the right to education and identify ways in which arrangements could be both streamlined and made more effective;

(d) advises on right to education indicators.  More

In 2012, the UNESCO Executive Board examined the results of a reflection on the future of the Joint Expert Group as well as an overview of the work accomplished by the Group during its 10-year existence, and decided to terminate it. Further it was suggested that the Secretariats continue their collaboration by way of providing regular reports that are more focused and by encouraging informal participation of the two bodies’ members in their respective information sessions. Certain flexibility was added in to allow, as necessary, an ad hoc group to be summoned to fulfill a particular mission. More

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