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The Capacity Development for Education For All (CapEFA) Programme is an extrabudgetary funding mechanism and programme approach.

The programme pools funding from diverse funding sources into one “special account”. This funding modality allows UNESCO to implement a large scale programme, involving a series of country programmes, and the flexibility to channel funding to the most urgent unmet needs based on a set of country selection criteria discussed with the donors.

From a donor perspective, and building on the momentum created by the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness, there is increasing interest in channeling contributions to core budget support and large-scale programmes such as the CapEFA Programme.

UNESCO yearly provides all the donors with a consolidated narrative report against the approved results matrix and financial statements on the use of the pooled resources.

An annual donor meeting is also organized to discuss the results of the Programme with the donors and the future directions of the Programme.

Independent external evaluations are also regularly organized by the Programme and presented to the donor.

Since the launch of the Programme in 2003, a group of Nordic governmental donors have been the key financing source of the Programme, which now actively seeks to expand this donor base and reach out to new donors including the private sector, foundations and others.

Become a Donor

If you are interested in supporting the CapEFA programme, please contact us for more information at capefa(at)

Current Donors

CapEFA is currently financed by the governments of

Former donors are:

  • Denmark
  • Switzerland



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