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Bilingual class, Australia

The Education Planning and Financing portal is designed for professionals to share information and expertise on practices of implementing sector policies in:

(i) national contexts, related to ongoing reform of public sector
    management, at central and decentralized levels, and
(ii) international contexts, related to the implementation of Education for All goals, Fast Track Initiatives and the Millennium Development Goals.

The portal focuses on modern approaches to education policy analysis and planning, medium-term expenditure frameworks (MTEF) and the financing of education expenditure to achieve national and localized human resource development objectives.

It offers a range of practice-oriented information drawn from lessons learnt in concrete contexts. This information concerns modern planning techniques and medium-term planning and expenditure framework in country contexts; training materials and tools; briefing notes on technical topics; updates on recent research and a glossary.

Through this portal, UNESCO shares the Organization’s long-standing experience and expertise gained in working with national and international partners on education policy analysis and planning, and results from more recent ongoing work on education financing and MTEF.

The portal is updated regularly and contributions from users form an important part of this process. To know more

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