Policy Review

Education sector reviews or analyses consist of conducting a critical analysis of both internal and external aspects of an education system. Education institutions review the internal dynamics of the education system from various angles, as well as the external conditions affecting educational provision, such as macro-economic and socio-demographic contexts. The main aspects reviewed when conducting an education sector analysis include:

i) macro-economic and socio-demographic frameworks; (ii) access and equity issues in education; (iii) quality of education;(iv) external efficiency; (v) costs and financing of education; and(vi) managerial and institutional aspects.

UNESCO has provided technical assistance and capacity-building support for national education administrations in conducting education sector analyses and reviews. Such support has often led to the formulation of robust education sector plans, programmes and projects. Assessments have also been conducted in many countries to assess the achievements, lessons, issues, challenges and/or opportunities in relation to achieving the Education for All goals by 2015.

Key Documents

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