Working Papers on Education Policy

The Education Policy Working Paper Series are designed to nurture the international debate about a wide range of education policy issues.

Paper 1. Overview of the Role of Private Providers in Education in Light of the Existing International Legal Framework

This paper aims at giving an overview of private education – notably for-profit private education and the legal issues at the international level. How can the commercialization of education be reconciled with internationally recognized human rights? This paper aims at giving an overview of the legal issues arising from the increase of private stakeholders in the education sector while suggesting how a private actor should consider financing or delivering education.

Paper 2. The Privatization of Education in Developing Countries. Evidence and Policy Implications.

This paper reviews key findings from empirical research on the effects of specific modes of privatization of the school provision, particularly in developing countries. It presents a definition of privatization, elaborates on the multiple modes that privatization may take in the schools’ sector in relation to diverse policy goals and reviews findings from prior research on this issue. It then discusses some methodological issues that commonly arise when reviewing international evidence, presents a synthesis of findings and offers lessons learned.

Paper 3. A model for obtaining ICT indicators in education

This working paper, proposes a conceptual framework for obtaining ICT indicators in  education  which  is  defined  by  a  set  of  distinctive  features:  a  holistic  and systemic approach, a flexible and comprehensive strategy of analysis and, lastly, a willingness to monitor and set benchmarks to promote innovation.

Other Publications

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    The publications and reports gathered on this page were published within the framework of programmes or projects administered by the Education Policy and Reform Unit, UNESCO Bangkok.
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