Holistic Early Childhood Development Index

The development of the Holistic Early Childhood Development Index was first proposed at the World Conference of ECCE organized by UNESCO in September 2010, in cooperation with the Russian Federation. At this conference, an action agenda was adopted, entitled the Moscow Framework for Action and Cooperation: Harnessing the Wealth of Nations.

This action agenda called upon UNESCO “to convene a working group to explore the development of an instrument capable of tracking progress towards EFA goal 1, with particular attention to quality and the holistic aspects of ECCE.” UNESCO is working with a wide range of partners to develop the Holistic Early Childhood Development Index (HECDI).

In June 2012, an important milestone was reached with the agreement of 6 core indicators: health, nutrition, education, parent support, equity and social protection, and alleviation of poverty.

UNESCO is now planning the pilot phase, which will involve working closely with ten countries to use the proposed indicators to holistically assess early childhood development. Following the pilot, the estimated publication date of the HECDI technical manual is in 2013.

Commissioned Reports

Review of care, education and child development indicators in early childhood

This report, part of a series of desk reviews to prepare the development of the HECDI, will critically and analytically review existing early childhood indices and indicators in the areas of child development, developmental care and education from birth to the age of 8.

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Review of Policy and Planning Indicators in Early Childhood

To contribute to the HECDI and also assist countries to consider their options regarding policy indicators for early childhood development (ECD), this study identified ECD indicators in 51 ECD policies and strategic plans found in 39 countries.

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Review of Social Protection Indicators in Early Childhood

This report examines varying conceptions of social protection as it relates to children and existing international and regional efforts to monitor and assess the social protection of children.

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Review of Legal Protection Indicators in Early Childhood

Review about legal protection indicators in the context of EFA-G1 and the use of child rights indicators as legal protection indicators. It is designed to provide groups of experts in the field with some preliminary perspectives and a basket of legal protection indicators in EFA-G1 policy and practice.

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Review of Health and Nutrition Indicators in Early Childhood

Early childhood health and nutrition is a true reflection of countries’ level of development. These health indicators are directly linked through existing policies, plans and programmes to countries’ investment in early childhood and respect for children’s rights.

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