First-ever World Conference on Early Childhood Care and Education (27-29 September)

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Early childhood is a critical period, yet countries have been slow to recognize its importance. On 27-29 September in Moscow, Russian Federation, the first-ever World Conference on Early Childhood Care and Education will remedy the situation.

The three-day event will address the unique nature of these early years, and the need for special measures to ensure that every child gets a good start in life. 

The Conference sub- title, “Building the Wealth of Nations”, emphasizes the connection between the strong foundations required to prepare the child’s transition from home to school and beyond, and the foundations that allow societies to develop and prosper. 

The Conference is jointly sponsored by UNESCO and the City of Moscow, Russian Federation. Some 1,000 participants are expected, representing governments, health and education sectors, the private sphere, donors, practitioners and advocates for children’s rights. A dedicated website has been launched by UNESCO with all related information.  

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