Examples of University Cooperation between China and African Countries

Zhang Wei
- Chinese professor Wu Qinsheng discusses plant worms with Omwansu Thomas Onyango, one of his students in Kenya.

China-Africa Business School, Zhejiang Normal University  

China-Africa International Business School (CAIBS), Zhejiang Normal University was founded in November, 2010. With the aim to set up a world-class international business school, CAIBS has a special focus on Sino-African business and is the only African business education institute among universities in China.  Read more

Ethio-China Polytechnic College 
Ethio-China Polytechnic College (ECPC) is the first vocational college that the People’s Republic of China has helped to establish in Ethiopia. Starting from 2005, China invested US$ 14 million dollars to construct the campus buildings, which were handed over to the Ethiopian government in October 2007. In 2011, ECPC was upgraded by the Ministry of Education of Ethiopia to be TVET Training Institute, whose main task was to train TVET teachers throughout Ethiopia. After graduation, the trainees can progress to a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree.  Read more

China-Kenya Horticultural Technology Center
China-Kenya Horticultural Technology Center was set up by Nanjing Agriculture University and Egerton University in 1995 to provide horticultural technologies such as batch production, seed selection and hydroponics suitable for agricultural conditions in Kenya. Read more

UNESCO-China-Africa University Leaders Meeting
Sponsored by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, the “2011 UNESCO-China-Africa University Leaders meeting: Prospects for Future Collaboration” (21-25 October 2011, UNESCO) featured 44 university presidents from China and Africa. Discussions focused on how to further improve inter-university cooperation and the common challenge of the employability of higher education graduates. An action plan for collaboration between UNESCO, China and Africa was foreseen.

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