8th Meeting of the GIQAC Steering Committee (22 June 2011, UNESCO Headquarters, Paris) - (1st row) Z. Varoglu, R. Bassett, S. Uvalic-Trumbic, A. Pieper-de-Avila, Q. Tang, J.J. Brunner; (2nd row) C. Akrivou, E. Egron-Polak, J. Salmi, J. Daniel; (3rd row) E. Helmeid, N. Matos


GIQAC is an organizational partnership that supports innovative regional and global efforts toward knowledge sharing among a wide range of quality assurance practitioners. GIQAC’s pool of resources is overseen by the GIQAC Secretariat and regulated by an Operational Procedures Manual.

Steering Committee

The GIQAC Steering Committee (SC) is currently composed of representatives, or their delegates, from the following entities:

The Steering Committee has the task of setting the mission, vision and strategic plan for GIQAC; providing guidance to the Secretariat; as well as monitoring and evaluating GIQAC-supported activities.

UNESCO Secretariat

The Secretariat is responsible for mobilizing and managing GIQAC funding resources, providing guidance and technical assistance to the implementing bodies and translating the Steering Committee’s vision into action.

Operational Procedures Manual

The GIQAC Operational Procedure’s Manual (OPM), developed collaboratively by the World Bank and UNESCO, further guides the implementation of GIQAC by providing a framework for the work of the Steering Committee, the Secretariat and the implementing bodies.

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