Objectives and Scope

The composition of GIQAC networks’ membership in 2011 includes higher education stakeholders from the above indicated countries.

The principal objective of the GIQAC project is to improve and expand worldwide capacity for quality assurance (QA) in higher education in developing and transition countries. GIQAC implementing partners are regional and inter-regional quality assurance networks that engage in capacity building activities with representatives of the following:

  • QA/accreditation agencies;
  •  Higher education institutions; and
  • Government staff with QA functions.

The QA practices being promoted by these networks are expected to meet international norms, yet be appropriate, sustainable and based on candid consideration of local needs and indigenous capacity.

Programme Activities

  • Capacity building activities to be financed by GIQAC include:
  • The development of international clearinghouse of information on QA practices in multiple languages including the publication, storage, and dissemination of up-to-date information;
  • The development of global working groups to discuss and share information on key issues (e.g. harmonization and recognition of competencies and credentials; cross-border tertiary education; student learning assessment and measurement of learning outcomes, etc.);
  • Regional seminars for the enhancement of QA systems and are not members of existing QA networks.
  • Training for external reviewers in developing countries to undertake QA exercises in their home countries;
  • International staff exchanges of QA professionals to provide and receive technical assistance to build QA capacity in developing countries.
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