If Benchmarking is the Cure, the International Student BarometerTM may be the medication

To look at many rankings systems is to gain a snapshot image of a comparative set of standardised factors and to compare them in similar terms to other institutions. By looking through rankings tables, we can gain some kind of understanding as to reputation, financial strength and prestige of certain institutions, but they seldom provide information over the motives, goals and challenges faced by individual Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs). They often do not reflect year on year improvements, which can be crucial in highlighting a particular institution’s strengths. Furthermore, such ranking systems do not allow an institution to look at its results confidentially, or provide time and advice on how changes can be made to improve.

While it is agreed that there can be value to the traditional ranking systems, there remain areas for exploration in analysing the performance of an institution. i-graduate believes that this gap in analysis can be filled by listening to the voices of students - those experiencing the HEI’s efforts directly. Through surveying students in depth, we aim to look more at how an institution reaches its goals, rather than simply focusing on the ranking for achieving them, or for maintaining already high standards.

With over 1 million respondents to our survey, we believe that the sheer depth of numbers and statistical relevance of the International Student BarometerTM gives a true insight into Higher Education Institutions and the effectiveness of their facilities, methods and staff.  It also reflects the ease of use and practicality of the survey, which institutions can take into consideration for their own purposes, whether for self-improvement, comparative, or marketing purposes.

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