Rankings and their impact on policy and practice: The Institutional perspectives

University rankings are controversial, and so far there is no ranking that fulfils all criteria. Though there is refinement to currently ranking procedures, the quality of a university is not to be measured only by numerical indicators. The question is: Could we adopt global indicators that may be applicable to all universities and research institutions all over the world? Or shall we study the universities according to their regional circumstances and realities? It is for this reason; ranking lists should not be definitive. Instead, ranking methodology should be reviewed carefully before looking at any ranking lists. What are the purposes of ranking and what impact has ranking on education? How should higher education institutions work together to coordinate their goals in order to set up an  efficient strategy for developing university and higher education, taking  into consideration the accelerating global progress and at the same time taking into account the concept of global World Universities Ranking and its importance in stimulating competition among Arab universities.

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