Bernd Wächter

Bernd Wächter is the Director of the Academic Cooperation Association (ACA), a consortium of European and global agencies which support international cooperation in higher education. ACA is a think-tank which promotes innovation and internationalisation in higher education.  

Bernd studied at the universities of Hull (UK), Giessen and Marburg (Germany).  He lives in Brussels (Belgium). He is married to Thora Magnusdottir, a delightful lady from Iceland.  

Bernd’s career has been focused on international higher education. In his first post, at the University of Kassel (Germany), he devised international degree programmes. He later joined the British Council, before becoming the Director of international affairs at the Fachhochschule Darmstadt. In Germany’s internationalisation agency DAAD, he became the head of this organisation’s European section. He subsequently was Director of Higher Education (Erasmus) in the Brussels Socrates Office. In 1998, he took up his post as the Director of ACA.  

Bernd has published widely on internationalisation in higher education. He is the editor of the ACA Papers on International Cooperation in Higher Education.

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