Ellen Hazelkorn

Professor Ellen Hazelkorn is Vice President of Research and Enterprise, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland; she also leads the Higher Education Policy Research Unit. She is a Consultant to the OECD Programme on Institutional Management of Higher Education (IMHE), and is associated with the International Association of Universities (IAU). She is a member of the Higher Education Authority Board (Ireland), and of the review team for Dutch Higher Education (Ministry of Education, 2010), the state of Victoria, Australia (OECD, 2009) and Catalonia, Spain (OECD, 2010) and Romania (Ministry of Education, 2011). She is chair of the Teaching Evaluation Exercise, Aalto University, Finland (2011) for the School of Art and Design. She has worked/is working with universities and university associations around the world, including Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Jamaica, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Serbia, and Sweden.

Ellen is a member of Management Board for the Irish National Digital Research Centre (NDRC) and the International Advisory Council of the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences (IRCHSS). She was Rapporteur and lead author for the report of the EU Expert Group, Assessing Europe’s University-based Research. She is Visiting Professor, Management School, University of Liverpool and on the Editorial Boards of Higher Education Management and Policy and Higher Education Policy International Journal for Researcher Development.

Ellen has authored/co-authored numerous peer-reviewed articles, policy briefs, books and book chapters on Irish politics and society; digital technologies, gender, work practices and the cultural industries; relations between the media and the state; and higher education policy. Developing Research in New Institutions Rankings and the Reshaping of Higher Education: The Battle for World-Class Excellence.


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