Nian Cai Liu

Professor Nian Cai Liu took his undergraduate study in chemistry at Lanzhou University of China. He obtained his doctoral degree in polymer science and engineering from Queen’s University at Kingston, Canada. He moved to the field of higher education research in 1999, before which he was a professor in polymer science and engineering. 

Prof. Liu is currently the Director of the Center for World-Class Universities and the Dean of Graduate School of Education at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. His current research interests include world-class universities, university evaluation, science policy, and institutional research.  The Academic Ranking of World Universities, an online publication of his group, has attracted attentions from all over the world. His latest book is “Paths to a World-Class University: Lessons from Practices and Experiences"

Prof. Liu has been enthusiastic in professional services. He is one of the vice-chairmen of “IREG-International Observatory on Academic Ranking and Excellence”. He is on the editorial/advisory boards of several international journals including Scientometrics.


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