Zarko Obradović

Prof. Dr Zarko Obradović undertook his undergraduate studies in international studies at the University of Belgrade.  He holds both a Master of Science and a Ph.D. in political science also from the University of Belgrade. 

Dr Obradović has been Deputy to the president of the Socialist Party of Serbia since 2006. Also since 2006, he has held a position at the Megatrend University where he is a professor in the Faculty of Public Administration. He has taught courses on minority rights, global governance and political systems, geo-economics and regional studies. In scientific and professional work he has primarily dealt with issues of territorial organization of the State, local self-governance, the political system, demographic changes, the position of Serbia in the Balkans and other issues of importance for the political system and international position of Serbia. He has participated in numerous domestic and international scientific gatherings dealing with the political system, local self-governance and rights of minorities.

In March 2011, Dr Obradović became the Minister of Education and Science in the Government of Serbia. He had previously been the Minister of Education (2008-2011).

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