Cameroon Douala University

Institution: Douala University 

Project: Strengthening local capacities for the study of climate change and consequences through distributed computing  

Project coordinator: Professor Georges Emmanuel Ekodeck

 Project highlights:

Mobilize researchers in climate, atmospherics physics, hydrology, hydrogeology, biodiversity, to attain a better understanding of the effects of global climate change nationally. Ensure a better use of existing (global as well as regional) climate simulation models; establishment of new models to follow up on and foresee evolutions in malaria, water resources, water flows to hydroelectric dams, evolution in the surface of arable land, biodiversity.

Collect climate and hydrological data, test existing models, write computer programmes and models that are specific to the project, run the models and analyse results.

Teaching activities, development on courses on atmospheric pollution, renewable energies.

Communication activities, tell the general public about causes and consequences of climate change.

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