Cameroon Yaoundé I University

Institution: Yaoundé I University 

Project: Information system for risk management through remote detection (SIMART)   

Project coordinator: Professor Emmanuel Tonye 

Project highlights:

Elaborate a curriculum (for both distance and on-site training) on (1) remote detection and management of environmental risks (2) geographical information systems for students following courses in telecommunications, electronics, computing. Also, disseminate knowledge on distributed computing obtained through participation in the UNESCO-HP Brain Gain initiative.

Elaborate simulation tools for urban pollution and modification of the coastline: train team members, collect data, create the GIS and run it as a computer simulation.

Deploy the urban pollution and flood remote detection, alert and visualization system, make it available through the web and on resource constrained devices. Also, awareness-raising activities to the benefit of relevant departments/facilities, as well as the general public.



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