Kenya - University of Nairobi

Institution: University of Nairobi

Project: Diasporas and distributed computing for development, towards creating a regional centre of excellence for distributed systems and modelling

Project coordinator: Professor William Okelo-Odongo

Project highlights:

Train support and technical and research staff in grid, cloud and volunteer computing hardware, sensitize the user community on the existence of the node.

Investigate the application services needs of user disciplines, train computing professionals on how to use and submit their work to the node.

Develop, in collaboration with user disciplines, useful applications services on the grid, develop the web services software and packages.

Involve local and regional participation in joint research and resource sharing and collaborations, conduct joint conferences/meetings in which research results are shared and disseminated.

Support subproject 1: Nucleic Acid Structural Biology Platform for 3D structure predictions of RNA and DNA motifs.

Support subproject 2: Medical Image Processing using Volunteer Computing.

Support subproject 3: Monte Carlo simulation techniques to track and image radiation transport through materials.


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